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The Contracts and Grants Accounting Section serves its customers by providing accounting services and information.

Our customers are comprised of departments and personnel in the various Colleges on campus and other UF entities as well as public and private donors, other universities, and regulatory agencies. To provide these services we have established four functional teams within C&G.

In addition to the updates made on this website, please also subscribe to the UFCGADMINS-l@lists.ufl.edu. A web-based subscription form can be found at https://lists.ufl.edu/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=UFCGADMINS-L&A=1.

C&G Forms东台旺祥正机械有限公司

View and download all of the forms used internally by C&G. 

Standard Federal Forms永州隆千富商贸有限公司

View and download all of the standard federal forms. 

Deposit Logs定州久高亚设备有限公司

View the deposit logs, which contain information related to payments received and processed/deposited by C&G. 


View the different department teams.


Find out the latest C&G news and subscribe for updates.  

Resources & Training龙岩通捷晶科技有限公司

Discover the different type of resources and training provided by C&G. 


About Us奎屯润百谦贸易有限公司

Our mission is to provide exceptional research support services while protecting the University’s interests in the most efficient and responsible manner possible.

In fulfilling our mission, our responsibilities include:

  • Establish and maintain contract and grant projects in the myUFL financial system
  • Oversee the management of awards for compliance with sponsor’s financial guidelines
  • Review expenditures to ensure costs are allowable, allocable, reasonable and consistent with funding agency regulations.
  • Advise principal investigators and departmental administrators on university, state and federal guidelines governing expenditures and other award activities
  • Prepare and submit financial reports to sponsors.  Provide financial reports to investigators and departments to assist in award oversight
  • Invoice sponsors and monitor and collect outstanding accounts receivable
  • Oversee close-out activity including transferring of residual accounts
  • Deposits and maintains records of payments received from sponsors
  • Assist auditors with data requests and reports
  • Maintain and monitor records associated with the University’s subcontracts including processing encumbrances and payments.


Research administrators in Contracts and Grants have specific department(s) for which they are responsible. Most of the post-award financial management issues for which departments are responsible thus have a single point of contact which maximizes the effectiveness and efficiency of the post award function.


The accounts receivable and billing team processes all deposits and maintains check logs. This team performs all manual adjustments to the accounts receivable subledger.


The accounting team manages all aspects of the letter of credits systems including draw down, reporting, and related reconciliations. This team is also responsible for managing the University’s subcontracts which includes the establishment of encumbrances, processing related payments and monitoring A-133 compliance.


This unit is responsible for responding to the data requests that result from audit requests from federal, state and private sponsors of the university. They also perform other special projects as assigned.

In addition to the updates made on this website, please also subscribe to the UFCGADMINS-l@lists.ufl.edu. A web-based subscription form can be found at the UF Contracts & Grants Listserv webpage.

Staff Directory南平伟皇裕机械有限公司



Email Phone
Tiffany Schmidt
Assistant Vice President and Director
Joe Andes
Grants Accountant III
jandes@ufl.edu 352-273-3089
Nadia Bahadori
Grants Accountant III
nbahadori@ufl.edu 352-273-3118
Tom Bairley
Accountant III – Letter of Credit Draws
tebairley@ufl.edu 352-273-3090
Jason Barron
Grants Accountant II
Jason.Barron@ufl.edu 352-273-3488
Chloe Campbell
Grants Accountant III
chloecampbell@ufl.edu 352-273-3476
Georgia Campbell
Accountant I
Amanda Cavender
Grants Accountant I
Delores Darling
Administrative Support Assistant I
ddarling@ufl.edu 352-392-1235
Meridith David
Grants Accountant II
mdavid@ufl.edu 352-273-3478
Bryna Farrell
Grants Accountant II
brynak@ufl.edu 352-273-3088
Eddie Finlayson
Grants Accountant III
efinlayson@ufl.edu 352-273-3097
Antoinette Ford
Grants Accountant I
Tiffany Fuller
Grants Accountant II
tiffanyjfuller@ufl.edu 352-273-3493
Bradley Furr
Grants Accountant II
sirfurrjr@ufl.edu 352-273-3102
Bill Gair
Quality Control
wrgair@ufl.edu 352-273-3098
Stephanie Glenn
Grants Accounting Manager
stephanie.glenn@ufl.edu 352-273-3094
Janie Heidler
Grants Accountant III
heidler@ufl.edu 352-273-3100
Renee Henry
Grants Accountant II
henryc@ufl.edu 352-273-3479
Melissa Horvath
Accountant II – Subaward Management
missihorvath@ad.ufl.edu 352-273-3096
Heather Justice
Grants Accountant II
hjustice@ufl.edu 352-273-3496
Nadeige King
Grants Accounting Manager
n.king@ufl.edu 352-273-3485
Stephanie Lafferty
Grants Accounting Manager
slaff@eng.ufl.edu 352-273-3127
Katie Lamotte
Grants Accountant I
Katie.Lamotte@ufl.edu  352-273-3128
Devin Lanier
Grants Accountant I
devinlanier@ufl.edu 352-273-3112
Beatriz Lenty
Grants Accountant II
blenty@.ufl.edu 352-273-3099
Tonya Lewis
Grants Accountant II
Jing Li
Accountant III – Letter of Credit Draws
jli74@ufl.edu 352-273-3133
Daisy Liddell
Accountant I
daisy.liddell@ufl.edu 352-273-3091
Alicia Martinez
Accountant I
alicia.martinez@ufl.edu 352-273-3093
Lynn McKenzie
Accountant I
lleite06@ufl.edu 352-273-3120
Kristin Moody
Grants Accountant I
k.moody@ufl.edu 352-273-3109
Olivia Nuss
Grants Accountant I
olivia.nuss@.ufl.edu 352-273-2652
Taylor Robbins
Grants Accountant I
taylormassey@ufl.edu 352-273-3111
Dana Rechsteiner
Grants Accountant III
danar@ufl.edu 352-273-3114
Obed Santana
Grants Accountant II
osantana@ufl.edu 352-273-3117
Rob Sessions
Grants Accountant III
rsessions@ufl.edu 352-273-3134
Beth Sheppard
Grants Accounting Manager
eshep@ufl.edu 352-273-3124
Shuzhen Shi
Grants Accountant I
Keith Simpson
Grants Accountant II
cozmo628@.ufl.edu 352-273-3113
Dan Smith
Grants Accountant II
dhsmith@ufl.edu 352-273-3119
Justine Smith
Accountant I
Warren Stamp
Grants Accountant II
wstam@eng.ufl.edu 352-273-3131
Aaron Taylor
Accountant I
Tammy Taylor
Grants Accountant III
tamataylor@ufl.edu 352-273-3107
Cathy Thompson
Associate Director
cthompso@ufl.edu 352-273-3121
Erin Tompson
Fiscal Assistant II
etompson@ufl.edu 352-273-3106
Christian Torroella
Grants Accountant II
ctorro@ufl.edu 352-273-3122
Patty Troll
Grants Accountant II
pattroll@ufl.edu 352-273-3108
Kim Welsh
Grants Accountant III
kimwelsh@ufl.edu 352-273-3123
Lauren White
Grants Accountant II
lauren.white@ufl.edu 352-273-3480
Chelsea Wilson
Grants Accountant II
wilsonc7@ufl.edu 352-273-3105
Suzanne Winik
Grants Accountant III
swinik@ufl.edu 352-273-3095
Lisa Yates
Grants Accountant III
lyates@ufl.edu 352-273-3126

Mailing Address泸州公佳泰贸易有限公司

33 Tigert Hall
PO Box 113001
Gainesville, FL 32611-3001

Maps and Directions锦西旺辉盈设备有限公司

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